The Jingle Boys - Only Santa Can Judge Me

The simplest explanation for The Jingle Boys, is that it is a musical Christmas card created by a group of friends, for their friends and family to enjoy. Based in the Los Angeles region, The Jingle Boys cannot be described as a band, but as a music collective. Each musician, composer, singer or lyricist has their own style, their own unique spin that they bring to the tradition of holiday music. The collaborations change year to year, as do the musicians that participate. The genres and styles are all over the map, and the inside jokes and pop-culture quotes are too numerous to count.

You won't see The Jingle Boys featured on Conan, nor will you find them gigging quietly in the brutal LA indie music scene. You have to know someone who knows someone to get this music.... which is why you are here.

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The Jingle Boys - Only Santa Can Judge Me


The Jingle Boys - We Are The Christmas


The Jingle Boys - When You Wish Upon A Christmas When You Wish Upon A Christmas by The Jingle Boys


The Jingle Boys - On the 8th Bit of Christmas


The Jingle Boys - A Beautiful Symbol of Christmas


The Jingle Boys - A Christmas Miracle

Through the miracle of e-commerce, The Jingle Boys is now available on iTunes!

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The musicians behind The Jingle Boys are based in Los Angeles,
and are available for composing, arranging and performing.

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The Jingle Boys are: Jeremy Burgan, Jessica Burgan, Aaron Doyle, Geoff Gross, Scarlet Gross, Ben Stanton, David Stanton, Courtney Stricklin Burgan

With many thanks to the talented musicians and friends who have joined us over the years: Ian Batstone, Jayden Bean, Larry Briner, Corey Coverstone, Ananda Dillon, Katie Fierro, Lonn Hayes, Lana Joy, Matt Leon, Chris Martin, Matt Oden, Ben Pringle, Nick Rosetta, Chase Sampson, Ryan Sarmiento, Anna Schubert, Sarah Schuessler, Rita Soultanian, Amelia Sully, Macain Treat, Andrew Wahlquist, Allison Weintraub.